Welcome to AEF International

We are Committed to Preaching the Gospel in Australia

AEF International is a Christian missionary fellowship that started in 1960 under the leadership of the founder, the late Dr G.D James, to help people through the gospel. As of 2020, AEF is 60 years and has reached out to over 200 communities in Asia and the Pacific region. AEF International has culminated into a global mission organisation with different parts and activities in 11 countries.

Our fellowship, which is now under the leadership of the founder’s son Dr Jonathan James spreads the gospel by reaching out to nationals and training them to help their people. Precisely, these are people in their locality with whom they share the same language. Through this strategy, many have given their lives to Christ.

Our Activities

Our activities cut across the following areas.


As a mission in the name of the living God, we try our best to bring people to God by using locals who would be culturally sensitive to the people’s background and needs. And while God is the miracle worker, we help communities solve a particular problem that may have plagued them for years while bringing them to Christ.

Church Planting

Church planting is simply defined as the planting or establishing of a new church in a new area. Church planting involves several processes such as preaching the word of God in communities (Evangelism), giving discipleship classes, organising training for leaders of the church, and managing the church.

Biblical Training

Our national workers’ bodies, which include pastors and other members of missionary agencies undergo a certain training known as the Biblical training to complete the commissioning process. These national workers’ function lies in reaching out to their countrymen through missionary works in their communities. The training arm of AEF International is the Asia College of Ministry (ACOM).

Community Development

AEF International is dedicated to spreading the gospel through its national workers and helping communities grow and see the world’s true light. Therefore, we carry out various projects from time to time and make monetary donations, give out gifts, take care of medical bills or rehabilitate a hospital, and give education, among others. More than five- thousand children have benefited from our programs, and at the end of the year, the number of souls won for Christ continue to increase tremendously.


AEF International has some of the most compassionate people in the world as workers. Our workers give out care, love, and support for vulnerable children, and when there is a need to take care of a child, AEF workers fight at the opportunity. They work hard to meet such children’s needs, which include the provision of food, clothing, and shelter and giving them protection.

Volunteer with Us

One of the biggest evangelism missions in Asia is AEF International. Unlike traditional missionaries, we create a link to the people through our national workers to boost their trust and confidence in us. In turn, we rely on volunteers to aid us in our operational efficiency and activities. We are a non-profit organisation and depend on you to achieve all that we intend to. We welcome you to be part of us today.