Community Development

Promoting Community Development

AEF International is dedicated to spreading the gospel through its national workers and helping communities grow and see the world’s true light. Therefore, we carry out various projects from time to time and make monetary donations, give out gifts, take care of medical bills or rehabilitate a hospital, and give education, among others. More than five- thousand children have benefited from our programs, and at the end of the year, the number of souls won for Christ continue to increase tremendously. Among our impact in the community are:

Support for Primary and Secondary Education


One of the projects carried out by AEF international is the Nepal education program. Education (from basic to primary to secondary) was provided to slum children who had no hopes of ever being educated. One of the schools in Nepal, the Grace Academy, opened with less than 20 students in the school but now provides education to over five hundred pupils who are majorly children of a low-income family and orphanage homes.

There are about 30 teachers and staff in the school, and due to the sponsorship received, the school has grown tremendously. Our buildings and equipment have significantly improved.

At one point in time, the Grace Academy organised a program titled “Training Up a Child,” which offers opportunities to people to send children to school and keep tabs on such children’s performance in school.

The program has awakened dead dreams and given hope to the hopeless. Many children, who would have otherwise been uneducated, can be proud of being a graduate of secondary school. Some of them have turned out to be teachers at the academy.

In Psalm 68:5, it is written that God is the father of the fatherless and protector of widows, and He is their habitation. In another scripture, He also asked us to defend the cause of the fatherless.

AEF International has some of the most compassionate people in the world as workers. Our workers give out care, love, and support for vulnerable children, and when there is a need to take care of a child, AEF International workers fight at the opportunity. They work hard to meet such children’s needs, which include the provision of food, clothing, and shelter and giving them protection. Many children gathered from the street and accommodated by our workers have lived a successful life.

Community Health Projects

Infrastructure Projects

AEF International is concerned about the general welfare of a community. It provides for both children and adults and even taken care of their health challenges. In AEF International countries, health clinic provides free check-ups, immunisation, dental health, and general practice.

Sometimes, we advocate and seek donations to build hospitals; for instance, we sought donations to complete the Solid Rock Hospital. Likewise, in Cambodia, a new hospital is being completed and is already serving a purpose in the community. AEF International has also reached out to people with HIV- AIDS and provides support for them.

AEF workers understand their communities’ plight and seek a network for planning to fulfil infrastructural requirements in society.

We also understand that our national workers’ job is an arduous one and, therefore, provide a means of sustenance for their families. This is a project under self – sustainable projects. Finally, AEF International is always there to render help on any natural disaster, for instance, the cyclone Nargis disaster of 2003 in Myanmar and the Nepal earthquake.