COVID-19 & Our Mission

Human atrocities increase daily, and therefore, man has never known true peace. If a man is not dealing with the aftermath of the war, he faces insecurity from various angles. As if those are not enough to worry about, the world is currently plagued by the coronavirus disease, first discovered in Wuhan, China.

Although the coronavirus disease is related to 2002 SARS-COV 2 and is associated with acute respiratory syndrome, it is deadlier. On the 11th of March 2020, the WHO declared Coronavirus disease as a global pandemic and called for urgent measures to combat it. The disease is characterised by heavy breaths or difficulty in breathing; difficulty in swallowing, experiencing dry coughs, sneezing, fever, loss of taste and smell, etc. The symptoms experienced differ from one person to another, depending on the person’s age and health status at the time of contraction.

The disease is contracted through body contact, surface contact, or contact with contaminated items. Worse, there hasn’t been a particular for- all vaccine that cures the illness. Hence, health bodies and the government advocate for zero transmission and employs quarantining measures, lockdown measures; social distancing rule; compulsory use of face mask; and consistent habit of handwashing.

We at AEF International advocate for a stop in the transmission of the virus by preaching prevention measures. They are:

  • Frequent washing of hands.
  • Use face masks in public
  • Avoid touching your openings in your bodies
  • Use alcohol-based sanitisers only
  • Isolate yourself if you are experiencing any of the symptoms
  • Follow updates from the disease control body and health organisations only. Do not use self-cure.
  • Eat healthy foods and fruits.
  • Keep your environments clean.

As a human organisation, our activities and programs were affected by the Government’s measures to combat the spread of the virus; there have been movement restrictions, lockdowns that limit our frequent visits to communities and, therefore, a reduction in the number of projects usually carried out.

Nonetheless, we have drawn up a system to go on about our activities while managing the virus’s spread.

  • We are recruiting more national workers for representation in certain communities.
  • All churches and missions must encourage handwashing by equipping the churches with such resources.
  • Chairs must be arranged 2ft away from the other. Avoid close body contacts during missions.
  • Our workers should constantly disinfect their surroundings
  • Sharing of COVID-19 palliative to create assistance for the people
  • Providing water facilities in communities
  • Sharing of COVID-19 protection essentials, e.g., alcohol-based sanitisers, face masks, or shields.
  • Encouraging more Virtual activities, e.g., virtual meetings, virtual evangelism, online bible study, etc., through any social media platforms.
  • Use of our radio network to connect with people, thereby reducing the number of mission trips.

While keeping to these rules, remember to pray to God to restore peace and good health conditions to the world. Do not be scared; remain steadfast in the Lord.