Preaching the Gospel

Evangelism is preaching Christ to unbelievers or lost sheep in the fold. Like it is written in the Bible, our Lord Jesus Christ commanded us to go forth and bring men into the Lord’s folds. On one occasion, He sent out his twelve disciples. On another occasion, he sent as much as seventy to preach the gospel throughout the nooks and crannies of localities surrounding them. Everywhere he went, he does two things: teach the word of God and perform miracles.

As a mission in the name of the living God, we try our best to bring people to God by using locals who would be culturally sensitive to the people’s background and needs. And while God is the miracle worker, we help communities solve a particular problem that may have plagued them for years.

Jesus said that he has come so that the people in the world can have life and not perish. He assured us of eternal life and promised us a room in his father’s house in heaven. Hence, the gospel of our Lord, Jesus Christ, brings the assurance that God has a plan and purpose for our lives.

AEF International specifically focuses on converting people living in Asia and the Pacific regions. Our strategy is using nationals as workers and local heads of churches to get to their people. There is more understanding through this method, and confidence in us is gained. By seeming not forceful, we build trust in ourselves. AEF International trains nationals who are well over 200, and they set out to various regions, helping people out with their needs while drawing them closer to God.

It is easier to convince people because no one knows their culture, background, traditions, or languages better than their people. There are over 110 languages recognised in Asia, and this could have a major stumbling block without the help of the locals.

Every year, about 2,200 people accept our invitations to accept God and become close to him. Evangelism occurs in many forms, which are not limited to literature and video distribution, bible studies, outreach programs, random acts of love and kindness, next door events, praying for the sick and needy, gospel campaigns, personal witnessing, and testimonies.

AEF International also preach the love of Christ by rendering humanitarian services such as providing education and health services, solving a particular social issue, creating orphanage homes or equipping existing ones, offering family and youth counselling programs, visitations to prison and hospitals, improving on the state of communities’ infrastructures, etc.

Finally, we have a training arm by the name- Asia College of Ministry. It was formerly known as the Tamil Bible institute under our founder, Dr G.D James. The Asia College of ministry operates in three states and are not independents. They are located in John Bahru (teaching in Tamil), Kathmandu, Nepal (teaching in Nepal), Yangon Myanmar (teaching in Burmese). We are in the process of creating another one in China.