Our Strategy

AEF International specifically focuses on converting people living in Asia and the Pacific regions. Our strategy is using nationals as workers and local heads of churches to get to their people. There is more understanding through this method, and confidence in us is gained. By seeming not forceful, we build trust in ourselves.

It should also be borne in mind that one of the most difficult countries to spread the gospel is Asian Countries. It has not been easy doing evangelism in that area, although much has improved in the last two thousand years. At the start of her missionary works, AEF International developed a strategy to win souls for God. This strategy involves:

Culture-Specific Evangelism

Organising Local Training

AEF International continues to reach out to more communities to fulfil its aims and objectives. We recruit and train those we call national workers across Asian countries. In turn, they deliver the good news of the Lord in their communities and plan permission for fulfilling infrastructure or other demands in their communities. In essence, they serve as our links to the people at the grassroots.

Using this method, various groups have been reached out to Myanmar, including a seventy-five per cent Burman group. We have equally converted about twenty-five Buddhist monks through one of our national workers in Myanmar, who himself was previously a Buddhist teacher.

Our missionaries and national evangelists (Fifty-five in number) have scored mission points with three communities (Rai, Newari, and Tamang) and have planted several churches in Nepal. In Nepal and other Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, China, India, Malaysia, Cambodia, and the Philippines, much has been achieved by reaching out to various people groups.

The group has also engaged people by having local training at various established centres and has been able to reach more communities through this, for instance, there is an established centre in North East India, a very remote area.

Engaging in Community Development Projects

Financial Support

This is simply giving back to the communities that accepted our invitations. It includes building infrastructures tailored towards the demands of each community. AEF International often encourages education by establishing literacy schools wherever possible.

Over five hundred and fifty students attend an AEF International school in NEPAL. Many people, especially parents/Guardians, students have had a change of mind from our teachers’ love and compassion and, likewise, their dedication. We share tracts and booklets with people and use the radio to reach out to restricted communities.

We pledge our financial support to new and emerging missions in Asia from our support bases from the US, New Zealand, and Australia because local support keeps increasing with the number of new missions. The Christian-giving culture among our local believers is improving.

In Nepal, one of our local Christians works so hard by picking more rags daily to give out 200 Rupees (about $5) over a month and feed at least seventy (70) evangelists during our workers’ conference.

AEF International has successfully reached out to communities in 11 countries through training and its culture-specific strategies. If you would like to help or participate in our missions, contact us with the details below.