Volunteer with Us

One of the biggest evangelism missions in Asia is AEF International. Unlike traditional missionaries, we create a link to the people through our national workers to boost their trust and confidence in us. In turn, we rely on volunteers to aid us in our operational efficiency and activities. We are a non-profit organisation and depend on you to achieve all that we intend to. We welcome you to be part of us today.

To achieve our goal to spread the gospel truth and help out communities with challenges, we are sending invitations to the public to volunteer with us. Our office is at 16 Duncraig East, WA 6023, Australia, or you can submit an application via our email provided below. We continually receive volunteers who we consider to be part of our team and the body of Christ.

You volunteer when you engage your time and efforts in a job without monetary benefits or payment. Our volunteering jobs do not require special skills. To reach out to a lot more communities, we need more hands-on-deck and, therefore, would appreciate individuals that would love to volunteer with us.

Firstly, you are doing the Lord’s work by volunteering with us, and God recognises and rewards His people. Also, it is a means to expand your field of knowledge and experience. Volunteering also helps you meet new people, thereby creating your network of people and building relationships with them.

  • Website Manager: We need volunteers to secure and manage this website. Such volunteers must be good at content creation.
  • Receiving Emails: We need a private volunteer to keep receipts of our emails and responds to them. Such volunteers must ensure confidentiality where need be.
  • Social Media Manager Campaigners: Campaigners help with publicity in different ways. One is through social media, and another is through the distribution of flyers.
  • Orphanage Visitation Day Volunteers: We need volunteers to reach out to vulnerable children at their homes.
  • Welfare Manager: Oversees the wellbeing of our newly converts.
  • Regional Administrators: We have some regional administers but still need more.
  • Educators: To provide teaching services.
  • National Workers: We are intentional about our goal to reach more communities and win as many souls as possible for Christ. We need representatives from across countries in Asia and the Pacific regions. Volunteers must be willing to be trained under Asia College of Ministry.
  • Secretarial Jobs Volunteers: To work at the headquarters or in churches.

Finally, bear in mind that there are no discriminating terms or clauses in our selection processes. We do not require special skills as there are opportunities to train and learn. We provide a conducive environment that allows every member of our team to develop themselves in every area of their life. There is no doubt that volunteering with us offers you an opportunity for all-round development, including spiritual and mental development.

To volunteer with us, send an email to aefwa@tpg.com.au. God bless you as you volunteer with us.