Who We Are

About Us

AEF International is a Christian missionary fellowship that started in 1960 under the leadership of the founder, the late Dr G.D James, to help people through the gospel. As of 2020, AEF is 60 years and has reached out to over 200 communities in Asia and the Pacific region.

Our fellowship, which is now under the leadership of the founder’s son Dr Jonathan James spreads the gospel by reaching out to nationals and training them to help their people. Precisely, these are people in their locality with whom they share the same language. Through this strategy, many have given their lives to Christ.

The people usually mobilised by our activities include national workers, missionaries, evangelists, and even churches. Every day we seek to increase the number of people reached out to and, therefore, continue to create subgroups, particularly in remote areas.

AEF International is continually growing and is currently one of Asia’s biggest Christian missions, having nothing less than 200 nationals as workers. There are 11 fields under AEF International, and the missions still partner with other missionary groups and churches both internationally and locally.

We have worked in several countries, including India, Malaysia, China, Nepal, North East India, the Philippines, Singapore, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Solomon Island.

While the utmost goal is winning souls for Christ, we are sensitive to various communities’ needs. This majorly distinguishes us from common and traditional missionaries. Many communities are often indifferent to foreign missions or aids, mostly because of the cultural barrier and the fear of losing their cultural heritage to foreigners. Hence, our strategy of using local nationals is effective.

Furthermore, we are committed to a good cause and have carried out several help and donation projects, which include:

  • Support a child
  • Building of hospital, for instance, solid rock hospital project
  • Nepal Earthquake Appeal etc.

We reach out to nationals and their people through monetary donations, gifts, medical care, and education, among others. More than five thousand children have benefited from our programs, and annually, more than 2000 souls are won as followers of Christ.

Our field of works covers discipleship, planting of churches; evangelism; school of theology; community development in the form of projects; training of nationals; seminars for locals to encourage self-economic independence, and others.

Our International Pastors have also planted churches from which parishes have also been created. Although our buildings are in the simplest ways, they are built practically. Moreover, our churches have bonded with so many communities in the most surprising ways. Our church planting activities include a leadership class, family and marriage management class, counselling, discipleship training, children and teen’s class, and missions.

The training arm of AEF International is the Asia College of Ministry (ACOM). It was formerly known as the Tamil Bible institute under our founder, Dr G.D James. He founded the Tamil Bible institute in 1977 at John Bahru. The Asia College of Ministry later succeeded the institute to align with AEF International’s goal.