Church Planting

Planting Church for Christ

Church planting is simply defined as the planting or establishing of a new church in a new area. Church planting involves several processes such as preaching the word of God in communities (Evangelism), giving discipleship classes, organising training for leaders of the church, and managing the church.

Also, the Bible says to remain steadfast in the Lord. Believers must not relent in their faith. Therefore, as part of our duties to new believers, we establish churches around them to encourage their fellowship with God and other believers.

It is by the Grace of God that we have come this far, and only by His blessings can we become better and greater. Our vision to be a soul-winning organisation is getting bigger as we continue to reach out to local communities in the most remote areas of Asia and the Pacific regions.

Our International Pastors have also planted churches from which parishes have also been created. Although our buildings are in the simplest ways, they are built practically. Moreover, our churches have bonded so many communities in the most surprising ways.

 Our church planting activities include a leadership class, family and marriage management class, counselling, discipleship training, children and teen’s class, and missions. It is a common belief that church planters are missionaries. Nonetheless, church planting is a form of testimony of the glory of the Lord in people’s lives. It is often done in communities that lack a church or that Christian brotherhood bond that keeps them in check and close to God.

This culture of church planting is deeply rooted in the Bible. Following Paul’s lifestyle, it is noteworthy that wherever he travels, he settles for a longer time to organise a team of believers, thereby establishing Christendom in the locality. He trains them to be like him- a preacher of the word. He then leaves and repeats the same wherever he goes.

He occasionally writes letters to them or revisits the places to check on their activities, admonish and encourage them to remain steadfast in the Lord. He also advised them to look away from the opposition. Surprisingly, these churches also later sent out people as missionaries to preach the gospel and establish Christendom in their environs. There goes the biblical history of church planting.

To plant a church in your community, endeavour to follow the following guidelines:

  • Have a prayer and fasting session with your team and your pastor (former/current)
  • Your team must comprise of members who share the same goals and aspirations as you. Most importantly, pray about it and seek guidance and approval.
  • Determine what you are willing to let go, what it will cost you to plant a church in your community. Think about it and answer if you are willing to let go that much.

You can contact us via our email if you are in Asia or any part of the pacific.